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42-500 Będzin

ul. Partyzantów 27A

NIP 641 255 00 32

41-705 Ruda Śląska

ul. Skowronków 2a/8



- to complete the event, you need to cover a distance of at least 5 km using any technique (who wants to feel the subject - can swim). The distance can be covered in several attempts.

- If event Sleepy Five, it would be nice if you covered the distance in the evening / night conditions, but it is not obligatory

- we record activity on phone applications, watches, photos, etc.

- confirmation of the activity should be sent to the email adress

- please check the correctness of the data entered in the registration form (especially the shipping address !!! )

- we accept subscriptions and payments until the available medals are used up

the activity must be carried out in days 28.08-30.08.2020

- the date of the prize draw will be announced on our fanpage

- KLAVA has prepared a T-shirt dedicated to the run



also called the dream web. Once an amulet of some North American Indian tribes to which certain magical properties were attributed. Catchers were usually hung over the bedding or at the entrance to the house. According to beliefs, the dreams that haunted the sleepers at home had to pass through the amulet. The dense net was supposed to let only good dreams through, and to keep the nightmares that were lost with the first rays of the sun. Such a dream was supposed to catch itself in a net and flow down the feathers.


The Indians used to say:

"This web is a perfect circle, but it has a hole in the middle. Use this web to help your people achieve their goals by making good use of their dreams, dreams and visions. If you believe in the Great Spirit, this web will catch your good thoughts and the bad will pass through the hole. "

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The sleepy five



Awards drawn at the end of the events