NIP 625 206 34 28

42-500 Będzin

ul. Partyzantów 27A

NIP 641 255 00 32

41-705 Ruda Śląska

ul. Skowronków 2a/8


Maya Event with fRUNiemy
Time loop
Pirates Five
The sleepy five

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Phoenix run vol.2
Venetian V with fRUNiemy
Get off the Christmas tree
Five in the Egyptian darkness
Phoenix run
Charity run for Marysia

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Five dreams come true
Virtual runs
Virtual runs are a relatively new position on the running map of Poland. In short, they consist in the fact that the competitors sign up for a given race, pay a fee and, following the rules of a given race, cover a certain number of kilometers in a specific time period. Where they do it is absolutely irrelevant. After the run is over, the runners send the organizer of the run confirmation of their activity via phone applications or photos of watches with data. After accepting the result, the organizer sends a well-deserved medal by letter. In addition to the purely sports side of virtual runs, there is also a discussion and advisory page that lives its life in social media such as facebook, instagram. This is where true player-player or player-organizer integration takes place. The number of posts, photos and the whole background accompanying each run is amazing.