NIP 625 206 34 28

42-500 Będzin

ul. Partyzantów 27A

NIP 641 255 00 32

41-705 Ruda Śląska

ul. Skowronków 2a/8

Always behind, rarely leans out. Technical matters are his domain. The starting numbers and the initial medal designs are coming from his hand.

Łukasz Garbacz

The prettier side of fRUNiemy. Responsible for contact with participants and for the representation of fRUNiemy to the outside. The human face of the team :)

Agnieszka Chojnicka

The fRUNiemy company was founded on the initiative of two people whose passion is running. The beginning was difficult, but we learn from our mistakes and constantly try new things. We want to develop and through our activities promote a healthy lifestyle by promoting the simplest form of physical activity, which is running and its derivatives. When organizing virtual runs, we focus primarily on a friendly, almost family atmosphere that prevails during the implementation of the project. Through our actions, we try to mobilize more and more people to act, to move and fight their own weaknesses.

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The ordinary association "fRUNiemy z Pomocą" was established to organize and raise funds for specific charities. The events organized by the association will be symbolic and will accompany the runs / marches organized by fRUNiemy. This action will minimize costs and help those in need to a greater extent.