NIP 625 206 34 28

42-500 Będzin

ul. Partyzantów 27A

NIP 641 255 00 32

41-705 Ruda Śląska

ul. Skowronków 2a/8

Start list

Below is a VADEMECUM with a handful of the most important information 😁 😉😋

- to complete the event, you must cover a distance of at least 5 km using any technique (you can run, walk, ride, jump.). The distance can be covered in several attempts.

- we record activity on phone applications, watches, photos, etc.

- confirmation of the activity should be sent to the following address:

- please check the correctness of the data entered in the registration form (especially the shipping address ❗❗❗) This makes our work easier 😘

- we accept subscriptions and payments until the available medals are used up

- the activity should be performed on 01/05/2021 - 31/05/2021 (THEN WE SEND CONFIRMATIONS)

- prize draw after registration

- the KLAVA company will prepare, as always, a T-shirt specially dedicated to this event. You'll be surprised, we're sure of it - Marcin is a magician :)


❤️AAAAA we saved the best for last ❤️

All paid people will, of course, take part in the prize draw, as is customary with us.

But we have something else, a special prize draw, one of a kind ......

And here is a note ........ a starter package for participation in the 5, 10 or 21 km race as part of Halfmarathon del Piceno Porto San Gorgio in Italy 😍😍😍

Insanity, it has to be an experience. Running along the coast at an altitude of 0 meters above sea level, palm trees, the sea, picturesque streets are the landscape that accompanies the entire run - something unforgettable



May is the month that we associate with joy before the upcoming summer, it blooms without ... it's beautiful. So why not take advantage of such a favorable aura and run with fRUNiemy

While waiting for the presentation of the medal, we can only tell you that it will be 10cm in diameter, it will be a double-sided medal with 3D effects - the rest is a top secret project 😁

Who writes in the dark?

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Maya Event with fRUNiemy


entries until the medals are used up